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    function () {
      var placeDeparture = autocompleteDeparture.getPlace();
      var dptLat =;
      var dptLng = placeDeparture.geometry.location.lng();
      sessionStorage.setItem("dptLat", dptLat);
      sessionStorage.setItem("dptLng", dptLng);
      console.log(dptLat + " " + dptLng);
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Is your development team preoccupied with maintaining your product or application, constantly pushing back the development of your website or landing page? Petit Hack supports marketing teams and helps them regain control over their website. You design your pages, we challenge them and integrate them, keeping in mind that your team will handle them afterwards.

Witness a mirror image of your blueprints in an astounding turnaround time.

We can't outpace harmony, but we sure strive to match its rhythm 😎 Our mavens craft the site that your marketing crew will eagerly utilize.

// welcome to petit hack

$('#itemone').on('click', function() {

// animate UI

$(".window-bloc").on("click", function () {
  $(this).find(".window-circle, .window_blocline")

Speedy realization, perfectly echoing the blueprint

Say goodbye to the seemingly infinite design delay. We may lack a "blueprint converter" for now, but we've devised swift and effective mechanisms to weave your blueprints into Webflow. Depending on your endeavor, expect the turnaround in an average of mere 1 to 3 weeks.
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User-friendly for all

Our websites are designed with simplicity and accessibility in mind. Every delivery comes bundled with tailor-made training videos for your team.

Responsive across the device spectrum

For us, responsive design isn't just another tick on the checklist, it's a given. We assure it by principally employing relative values that shape-shift to fit every screen, all while keeping the design integrity intact.

Incorporating your go-to tools

We know that each business has its own roster of "unmissable" apps that fuel its online presence. We infuse your website with the best no-code tools, automating those mundane, low-impact tasks. An upshot to your time and productivity!

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