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We’re No-Code border crossers

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      console.log(dptLat + " " + dptLng);
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We go beyond being a simple Webflow agency, and instead provide bespoke solutions that cater to your specific needs, including your marketing goals.

We tailor our solutions to ensure that your website not only looks great, but also performs effectively in reaching your target audience, by incorporating the specific tools you need - and none of the ones you don't.

Leave the website work to us while you concentrate on what's essential.

Acquire new customers with a custom-built Webflow website that is high-performing and conversion-optimized.

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Experience fast and flawless development.

We know your tech team is focused on developing the best product. That's why we've developed techniques that ensure the creation of your website is completed in no time.
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We create Growth-oriented websites

Streamline your workflow and boost productivity with the magic of no-code/low-code. We'll integrate top-of-the-line marketing automation tools for you.

Technically optimized to rank your content

Increase your visibility and drive organic traffic by utilizing our cutting-edge SEO strategies and best practices.
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Find the perfect offer for your needs

We've developed a range of offers to meet the needs of all marketing teams who want to take control of their website.

Webflow Acquisition

The ultimate showcase website designed to capture traffic from traditional advertising networks - Facebook, Google Ads, and more.

We refine your designs, integrate them, add animations, and voila!
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Webflow CMS

More minimalist but just as effective, our Webflow CMS offer is designed for startups looking to stand out through content marketing.

Our experts help you create a site that you'll love updating and positioning on Google.

Webflow Unlimited - Standard

For marketing teams seeking greater independence and self-reliance.
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Unlimited development requests.
1 open task at a time
Monthly On-Page SEO recommendations.
Unlimited team accounts.
No commitment.

Webflow Unlimited - Premium

For startups in the midst of growth and expansion, seeking to significantly boost their online presence.
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Unlimited UI & UX requests
2 open tasks at a time
Priority support
Monthly call with your PM
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Our websites are beautiful, but most importantly, very efficient

Since the beginning of the Webflow Petit Hack agency, we have worked on more than fifty projects. Take a look at our latest integrations!
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Our customers love working with us

And we do too. Discover the process of our Webflow agency. Tested and validated during numerous collaborations.
Preparation of your design
Project Preparation
Webflow Development
Pre-Launch Preparation
Website Launch
Benefit from the expertise of our designers and developers, who will audit your user experience, provide UI recommendations, and challenge your site's functionality. At Petit Hack, we might specialize in Webflow integration, but we don't dive into it without refining your designs first.
After all the formalities are taken care of, we don't rush into things.
Each project begins with a thorough review of the mockups.
We consider SEO, user journey, conversion rate optimization, and more...
Our aim, like yours, is to create a website that's not only visually appealing but also effective and easy for your marketing team to maintain.
We divide the development of your site into four stages - integration, animation, optimization, and testing. Let's be clear:

- Yes, all the sites we work on are responsive and optimized for SEO.
- We don't compromise on quality based on your budget.

From integrating your style guide/design system to going live, most of our websites are delivered in less than 3 weeks.
Your website is almost ready to go live! We handle the final technical details: animations, SEO optimization, CMS configuration, Google Tag Manager setup, tagging plan, and integration of third-party tools as needed.
This is also the moment for you to provide feedback via our ticket system. Unlimited modifications are included, and we remain available on Slack/Discord if needed.
It's the big day!
After setting up DNS and performing a final launch crawl, we hit the button together!

Once the website is live, we ensure you're able to manage your new Webflow site independently. We do this by providing numerous tutorial videos designed specifically for you.

And don't worry, it's always included. To further free your team to focus on strategy rather than deliverables, we also offer different Webflow Unlimited support packages.

Questions for our Webflow agency?

Feel free to drop us a line if you can't find an answer to your question.

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How long does it take to develop a Webflow website with Petit Hack?

Every website is unique! However, most of our sites are integrated within two weeks. Remember, an integrated site isn't quite ready for launch. We typically move into a feedback phase, followed by the integration of your tools (Analytics, tagging plan, emailing).

So, it's a good rule of thumb to anticipate your website going live about 3 to 4 weeks after the contract is signed.

What kind of websites can be developed with Webflow?

Our web agency can support you in developing any type of Webflow site. Be it a showcase site, landing page generator, e-commerce... With a few lines of code, anything is possible with Webflow. However, for more complex developments, we can't guarantee delivery within three weeks.

Why should I use Webflow?

Webflow is arguably the most flexible CMS on the market. Whether you're creating eye-catching landing pages, an SEO-optimized blog, Webflow has a solution for you. The real strength of this tool is that it allows marketing teams to take control of their website. Once the No Code architecture is built, it's incredibly easy to create and update pages and posts with our customized video guides.

I don't have a mockup, can I still work with your Webflow agency?

Petit Hack specializes in integrating mockups into Webflow. You can think of us as your Figma to Webflow converters. However, that doesn't mean we can't help you with your site's design and conception. We can also assist you in creating UI Design elements to finalize your mockups before integration. Contact us to learn more about our Web design offering.

Do you create websites on CMSs other than Webflow?

Unfortunately, NO. Unlike other Webflow agencies, we focus solely on this tool to create your website :)

Is it possible to connect my website to an external database?

Absolutely! Depending on the complexity of your website's needs, we can create custom scripts, or connect tools like Make or Wized to link your Webflow site with an external database.

How much does a Petit Hack Webflow site cost?

Every website is unique, but our process remains the same. UX audit, project preparation, site development, tool integration, unlimited feedback. The starting price for Petit Hack websites is €7,000 (excluding tax).

I found a template, can you turn it into a site for me?

Unfortunately, no...! While the template may seem perfect for your business, we know from experience that it's often more complicated to build the website of your dreams from a template. In the No Code world, it's important to distinguish between an individual crafting a solution in their corner and a team needing to collaborate; using a template to build your website is rarely the right solution for real collaboration.

Can I create an e-commerce site on Webflow?

Absolutely, and then some. Many e-commerce sites are built on Webflow. Its flexibility also allows you to have deep control over payment pages, unlike some of its competitors.

Do Webflow and search engines get along well?

Webflow's performance and flexibility make it an extremely SEO-Friendly CMS for your website. When creating a Webflow website, we leverage the different expertise of our experts to achieve the best technical results at your site's launch. With Webflow Unlimited, we also offer monthly recommendations to help improve your website's presence on Google.