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    function () {
      var placeDeparture = autocompleteDeparture.getPlace();
      var dptLat = placeDeparture.geometry.location.lat();
      var dptLng = placeDeparture.geometry.location.lng();
      sessionStorage.setItem("dptLat", dptLat);
      sessionStorage.setItem("dptLng", dptLng);
      console.log(dptLat + " " + dptLng);
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Is your dev team too swamped building your product, leaving your marketing requests on the back burner? Oof, we feel you... that stings! Enter Petit Hack's team of experts who partner up with your marketing squad to build a site that truly showcases your brand, whether it requires coding or not. Let's get you shining bright!

Webflow wizards at your service to take your site to the next level.

// welcome to petit hack

$('#itemone').on('click', function() {

// animate UI

$(".window-bloc").on("click", function () {
  $(this).find(".window-circle, .window_blocline")

Webflow website creation, at your service.

We bring the most ambitious projects to life on Webflow. Whether it's developing a custom solution that seamlessly integrates with your application, or bringing your mockups to life on a responsive site, Petit Hack's Webflow experts have got your back to help your brand shine. Let's do this! 💪
Spill the tea on your project, we're all ears.

Sites designed for growth, that's our game.

We got your back with SEO guideline compliance, tool integration, basic tagging plan, and streamlined content publishing processes, all included as standard in our website packages. Why pay extra for a bike without wheels, amirite?

...without tying the knot and putting a ring on it.

Looking to stay independent and take over site management in-house? We got you! Our sites come with a set of personalized video tutorials to help you navigate and maintain your site with confidence.
+ Asynchronous training
+ Videos
+ Development
+ Unlimited Webflow
+ Landing-Pages
+ Webflow CMS

Find the perfect fit for you.

We've developed our packages to cater to the needs of all marketing teams looking to take control of their site.

Webflow Acquisition services

The ultimate showcase website (and no, it's not a bad word!), designed to attract traffic from traditional ad networks like Facebook and Google Ads. We'll take on the challenge of bringing your mockups to life with seamless integration, slick animation, and a WOW factor that'll make you say 😍
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Webflow CMS

For a more minimalist approach that still packs a punch, check out our Webflow CMS offering. Perfect for startups looking to stand out with content marketing. Our experts will guide you in creating a site that's a pleasure to update and optimize for Google.

Webflow Unlimited - Standard

For startups looking to work closely with experts on a daily basis.
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Unlimited development and maintenance requests
1 open task at a time
Monthly On-Page SEO recommendations
Unlimited team accounts
No commitment

Webflow Unlimited - Premium

For businesses looking to accelerate content creation and landing page development.
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Unlimited UI & UX requests
Monthly call with your project manager
Tech SEO audit on launch (and every 6 months)
2 tasks at a time
Priority support (no joke)
Priority support (no joke)

A fast, yet flawless website

Got any projects you want to throw our way? Let's show you what we can do!
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You wanna know what a Webflow pro is?

A Webflow expert is someone who's crushed all 4 Webflow certifications in the past year (gotta keep up with those updates). But at Petit Hack, we don't stop there. Our experts are also evaluated on their outside-of-the-box skills to deliver a top-notch web experience for you. Hit us up and see for yourself!

Wondering why you should call on a Petit Hack expert?

Need an e-commerce site on Webflow, advanced features set up, or marketing processes created? If you're in any of these situations, you should hit us up.

Are you only experts in Webflow?

Yes, sir! However, our experts also have complementary skills that we bring to the table for each of our integrations. From SEO to UI/UX design to Javascript & Nocode, we ensure you have access to the expertise you need!